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      1. About us


        Company Profile

           Jiangsu days have Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, Jiangsu Province is well-known professional home shoes manufacturing and export trade and industry enterprises.

             The company mainly engaged in products: home slippers, baby shoes, casual shoes, injection shoes and other children and adult shoes. The company has a strong team of professional designers, and constantly develop new indoor shoes products, follow the market demand.
             The company has four entities factory, respectively, Nanjing days trip Shoes Co., Ltd., Jiangdu days have factories, Anqing City days have light Textile Co., Ltd., Cambodia days have Footwear Company Limited. The four solid factory has more than 800 employees, each year can produce more than 10 million pairs of home casual shoes, products are sold to the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and other countries, is the world's major home shoes brand the most important products supplier.
             Over the years the company has exported more than 100 million pairs of products, our factory through Disney, the United Kingdom Martha, Spain ZARA, the United States MACYS, TARGET and other customer evaluation. Each of our products are raw materials through professional testing, each pair of shoes have been professional quality inspection personnel inspection. So we won the international market welcome and pursued.

        Structure of company

        Factory structure
        Factory image

        TEL:025-84700700 FAX:025-84700198
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